<transcy>About Palympe</transcy>

The palimpsests are manuscripts whose writings have been scratched to be able to reuse . This is what inspired us to Palympe ! Here, no material production: only are used for our clothes sleeping tissue stocks .

For a production fair and mastered , we use a system of pre-orders : no surplus, we only make the parts that are requested of us! The time between ordering and receiving the garment is a maximum of 28 days, and all parts are made by Manon, in her workshop in Lyon .
Some parts are also available on limited stock, this concerns fabrics whose yardage is less than 10 meters and therefore saves as much material as possible!


“Model maker, aware of the dysfunction of the textile industry and the urgent need for change, I wanted to put my know-how at the service of a more responsible and fairer fashion. '' offer an alternative to fast-fashion, by consuming differently, with already existing raw materials.

The clothes we offer are worked with passion, with attention to detail and with original cuts. It is the fabrics that I find that determine the nature of the clothes I make, and all the pieces are imagined, designed and made in Lyon.

Each garment is produced in small series, the number of models depends on the quantity of fabric at our disposal! "